Ride Leader Sign Up and Info on Fearless Leader's Choice Rides

Hard to believe but there are only about 15 days until we have our first ride! 

 Remember the google sheets that Carole developed last year?  Well here they are again:


There are four worksheets now: 1. a list of routes (at the bottom are the names of new ones done last season); 2. last season's calendar/rides and leader sign up; 3. A blank calendar for this season for leader sign up; 4 a list of Fearless Leader Choice Rides...the first few are from the last three years and the remainder are from previous years.

1.  If you would like to help Jane and me by leading a ride(s) this season, please sign up on the 3rd worksheet...choose  ride(s) from the first worksheet. (Remember: FLC rides are now on Mondays and Wed. is R/F and Friday is F/R.)

2. Please help us decide which Fearless Leader Choice rides to do.  Look at the 4th worksheet and rate the rides. Bill has started with the BS column. Add a column with your initials and rate the rides. Feel free to suggest areas for new rides. We'll try to invent them or modify existing RideWithGPS rides. Darlene is working on 2 such rides.

3. The Waiver:  a few people have printed the waiver, filled it out, scanned it and emailed it to us.  Feel free to do the same if you enjoy techie stuff.

Hope to see you soon,

Jane and Bill