Spring 2017

We want to thank our riders for keeping Adventurides the great biking club that it is and for a fun and safe season.

We are no longer available to lead this month and so the official Spring 2017 has come to a close.  

Overall, 23 riders participated and we had 33 rides.  There were NO flat tires and only one fall that I know of (me) which was due to one of three similar chain problems.

We would love hearing from you as to how you felt the biking season went and any ideas you may have for improvements on topics such as 


Jane has decided not to co-lead in the fall but we are happy to let you know that Joel Ross has agreed to take her place.

Many thanks to Jane and Joel!!

We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and safe summer!


Jane and Bill

GO Newburyport

Please arrive by 9:45.


Jane and Bill

Newburyport tomorrow

On Friday, June 2 - Newburyport - 18 Spring St.  (Either exit 56 or 57 off of 95 works)

We will be doing a ride led by Darlene's friend MJ Verde who lives in Newburyport. We will park near to and leave from her house.

Here is the route (more or less) as logged last fall:  Newburyport with MJ.  It's about 25 miles with an elevation gain of about 890'.

There is a fee of $2 per 3 cyclists in the Wildlife Refuge. (Beach may not be accessible due to Piping Plover Nests.)

The weather will be sunny to mostly sunny with temperatures from 63 to 67. There will be a west wind from 7 to 13 mph.  

Bring your helmet, water, sun lotion, snack and bike.

Some of us will stay for lunch at a restaurant (TBD) in downtown Newburyport.

Please arrive promptly by 9:45am so we can get parked, etc. and leave no later than 10am (some folks have to get back for kids, etc.)

We should be back by 1:00 - 1:30.

Note:  Parking is limited.  If anyone other than Olga, Jane, Nancy, Teun are going please let us know so we can set up more car pools.

Many thanks to MJ!!

Bill and Jane