End of Season

Joel and I have agreed that the weather tomorrow won't be conducive to pleasant bike riding and are declaring that this fall's season is over.

Any future rides this month or next will be only on nice weather days and on an rsvp basis.

Our best to you all for a nice Thanksgiving!

Joel and Bill

Rides This Week

Hi All

I'm in a quandary.  

Not many people show up for rides when it's cold out. Tomorrow promises to be one of those iffy days…in the 30's at 9:30 and all the way up to 42 by mid-afternoon….and no sun.

If you'd like to ride tomorrow, please let me know sometime today.

On Wednesday, there will be a morning ride in Sterling on the Central Mass Rail Trail.  At least Jane and I will be there. Come join us. No afternoon ride.

On Friday, depending on the weather and the forecast for the next week (Thanksgiving week), we'll either do the Concord-Lincoln-Weston-Wayland-Sudbury-West Concord 25 mile ride with lunch at Trails End Cafe or the Bedford to Somerville ride with lunch at Dave's Pasta (celebrating the final official ride of this season).  During the following two weeks, if the weather turns nice, we'll do rides on a one-off basis….

The snow stakes are up on my street!



Tomorrow's Ride


Tomorrow's ride starts at 10am in Gloucester at Stage Fort Park.  Take exit 14 off of route 128, Essex Ave (rte 133).  Set your GPS for 24 Hough Ave.

We should be back between 2:30 and 3 depending on how long we take for lunch.

The temperature will remain in the 50s during the ride but it will be a nice, sunny day. There will be a breeze out of the west.

This ride has many nice views. Don't miss it.

We'll see you there!

Bill & Joel

Friday Ride

This Friday - Cape Ann!

We'll do the Gloucester - Rockport  ride which is 28.3 miles long with an elevation of 1409' (which is a normal 50' per mile) with a stop at mile 17.5 for lunch at Roy Moore's Fish Shack.  

We'll start at 10am(halloween color) after parking at the Stage Fort Park lot at about 24 Hough Ave. in Gloucester.

Let Joel or me know if you're looking for a car pool buddy (if you don't already have one lined up).

The weather will be SUNNY with a high temp of 62.

There will be lots of beautiful ocean sights along the way.

Don't miss this ride!

Bill   781-248-2624
Joel 978 -501-0751

Next week's rides

Many thanks to Jane who will be leading Monday's rides!  The rides lately have had spectacular foliage views….

Monday morning:   park at Center Park in Carlisle next to Fern's.  At 9:30, we'll leave and do the Carlisle - Old North Bridge ride which is 15.7 miles long with an elevation of 744'.  We'll be back by 11:30 and have lunch at Fern's.

Monday afternoon at 12:30 we'll leave on the Carlisle - GBFSP - 12 Reversed ride which is 11.9 miles long with an elevation of 541'.

The weather is forecasted to be mostly cloudy with a high of 71.  

The forecast is for rain on Wednesday.

Friday is TBD but I'm happy to have suggestions:  the weather is supposed to be good with a high in the mid-60s.  We could try for Cape Ann again if enough people are interested….

Have a nice weekend.


from yesterday's ride:

Friday's Ride

Due to some schedule issues, we'll not do the Cape Ann ride tomorrow but rather the East Pepperell to Nashua route. This is a 25 mile route with an elevation of 971'.

The ride goes up through Hollis and the the NW side of Nashua and uses the Broad St. Parkway to go downtown. We'll eat at Seedlings, Riverwalk Cafe, Peddler's Daughter or elsewhere depending on the group's preference. The return trip is via Mine Falls Park, route 111 and the NRRT back to the parking lot at trailside at about 60 Groton St. in East Pepperell.

The ride will leave at 10am.  

Safety Note:   Yesterday was another of those beautiful fall days when it's quite cool in the morning but quickly warms up.  So we use layers on top.  At one point I rolled up my light yellow jacket and tied it around my waist as I've done many times.  On Newtown Rd in Littleton, Hans called out that part of my jacket was in the back wheel.  When I put on the brakes, they grabbed and ate up the jacket and tightened the knot that I had in the jacket in around my waist.  Fortunately, we weren't going too fast so I was able to disengage my shoes and wrestle with the knot. But for a while there, the bike, the jacket and I were one entity.  Had I been going faster I might have gone over the handlebars onto the busy street….

I know only a small number of us will be riding tomorrow but I hope everyone has a nice weekend,


Wednesday's Rides

Sunny with temps in the mid 50's to high 60's tomorrow in Acton.  Sounds good!

In the morning we'll do the Acton Center - Nagog ride. This recreation ride is 13.7 miles long with an elevation of 688' and goes through NARA Park and around Nagog Lake.

The ride will start at 9:30 and end by 11:30.

Lunch will be at Acton House of Pizza or BYO.

The afternoon fitness ride will be the Acton Center - Boxboro ride of 14.8 miles and 822'.  It will start at 12:30 and end by 2:30.

Hope to see you there…


Fwd: [AdventuRides] Wednesday's rides

Correction:  the afternoon ride is 13 miles long, not 31!!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Bill Segal <bill.segal@comcast.net>
Subject: [AdventuRides] Wednesday's rides
Date: October 10, 2017 at 12:58:19 PM EDT

Tomorrow morning we'll leave from the Station Ave trail parking area (park facing east) at 9:30 and do the Groton Story Book House  ride. It is 15 miles long and has an elevation of 690'. (How many nursery rhymes' characters do you see?)

We'll have lunch at Filho's (235 Main St) from 11:30 to 12:25.

The afternoon ride will leave at 12:30. It is the Groton-Pepperell-Mount Lebanon ride which is 31 miles and has an elevation of 520'. (Nice foliage?)

I believe these two rides are about the same in terms of recreation/fitness…somewhere in the middle.

The forecast for tomorrow's rides calls for mostly sunny and 60 degrees at 9:30 and cloudy and 66 by 2:30.

See you there.

Bill & Joel

PS  Friday: Gardner!

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Wednesday's rides

Tomorrow morning we'll leave from the Station Ave trail parking area (park facing east) at 9:30 and do the Groton Story Book House  ride. It is 15 miles long and has an elevation of 690'. (How many nursery rhymes' characters do you see?)

We'll have lunch at Filho's (235 Main St) from 11:30 to 12:25.

The afternoon ride will leave at 12:30. It is the Groton-Pepperell-Mount Lebanon ride which is 31 miles and has an elevation of 520'. (Nice foliage?)

I believe these two rides are about the same in terms of recreation/fitness…somewhere in the middle.

The forecast for tomorrow's rides calls for mostly sunny and 60 degrees at 9:30 and cloudy and 66 by 2:30.

See you there.

Bill & Joel

PS  Friday: Gardner!

Friday Ride

Since it's Friday before the long weekend, 

since I'm leaving for the cape at 2, 
since Joel is away camping, 
since the Friday ride is called a Fearless Leader's Ride, I've decided we'll do the 

The ride is 16 miles long with an elevation of 720'. Part of the ride is on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (we'll stop at Hart Pond) and part goes through the Great Brook Farm State Park.

We can have lunch at Fern's after the ride at 11:30 or so.

See you there.


Wednesday's Rides

From yesterday's ride to the Wachusett Dam…what a beautiful day for biking!

In the morning, we'll do the Bolton - Harvard (recreation) ride - 13.2 miles and 719'

The ride will leave at 9:30 and be back by 11:30.

Lunch is BYO at the playground picnic table(s).

The afternoon ride will be the Bolton - Berlin (fitness) ride - 12.7 miles and 860'

The ride will begin at 12:30 and end by 2:30.

These are both great rides - passing lots of farms and orchards.

The weather for tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day for biking:  sunny with about 60 degrees at 9:30 and 77 by the end of the afternoon ride.

See you there.

Bil & Joel

GO - Sterling - Meadowbrook Orchards

Sunny. 56 degrees at the start of the ride and 68 by 2:00.

Bill and Joel


This week's rides

It was 39 in my back yard this morning. How about yours?  But we'll be in or near the 70s for most of our rides this week.

On Monday:  

The morning fitness ride will be Meadowbrook - Old Stone Church  which is 16 miles long and has an elevation of 699'.  

The ride will begin at 9:30 and be back by 11:30 in time for a nice lunch at Meadowbrook Orchards where our cars are parked (away from the restaurant please) at 209 Chace Hill Rd in Sterling,MA.

The afternoon recreation ride will be Meadowbrook - Wachusett. a 13 mile ride with an elevation of 760'.  This is the ride where we visit the amazing Wachusett Dam.

The ride will start at 12:30 and be back by 2:30.

The forecast for Sterling tomorrow is for sunny with a high of 69, no precipitation and low humidity.

On Wednesday we'll do the Bolton - Harvard and Bolton - Berlin rides.

The Friday ride is TBD.  

See you in Sterling tomorrow.

Bill & Joel

GO - Ipswich

Be ready to leave Ipswich at 10am.

Weather the same as predicted last night except we get one more degree.

Bill 781-248-2624

Joel 978-501-0751

Tomorrow's Ride

Ipswich on Friday!!

Tomorrow Darlene will lead us on the new Ipswich ride. It is about 25 miles long and takes us out to Great Neck along the water of Plum Island Sound as well as to Castle Hill.

We'll park and start at Appleton Farms at 219 County Rd (rte 1A) in Ipswich. 

Be ready for a 10am start.

The forecast for tomorrow in Ipswich is for sunny skies and 55 (yes, 55) degrees at 10 and 62 at lunch time.

After the ride, we'll take a ten minute trip by car on rte 133 to Essex and have lunch at the famous Woodman's of Essex (where Lynda can get fried clams). The address is 121 Main St. in Essex. They specialize in seafood, but there's lots of other food as well.  Or, you can BYO.

See you there!

Bill & Joel & Darlene

GO East Pepperell

Nice weather this morning. A little warm this afternoon. Humidity dropping during the day.

Bill & Joel


Begin forwarded message:

From: Bill Segal <bill.segal@comcast.net>
Subject: Wednesday's Rides
Date: September 26, 2017 at 4:40:44 PM EDT

Two nice rides tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we'll park at the Nashua River Rail Trail lot in East Pepperell.  It's at about 56 Groton St. in E. Pepperell.

The morning recreation ride will be East Pepperell - Hollis, about 12 miles and 660' of elevation.  The ride will leave at 9:30 and return around 11:15.

Lunch will be at Charlotte's Cozy Kitchen, across the street on Main St. or you can BYO.

The afternoon fitness ride will be East Pepperell - Brookline, about 16 miles and 714'.  The ride will leave at 12:30 and return at 2:30.

Tomorrow's weather will be sunny with 73 degrees when we start in the morning and 85 by 2:00.

For the Friday Ipswich ride, if you want to carpool and don't know with whom to ride, let us know and we will help. The forecast is for sunny, cool, slightly breezy weather.

See you tomorrow.

Bill & Joel


Reminder - Monday 9:30am - Harvard. Park behind the town building on Elm St...

Next Week's Rides

Stephanie's Cafe hit the spot after Friday's ride:

On Monday we'll ride in Harvard:

Morning ride:  Harvard Roller Coaster  13.3 miles and 875'.  

We'll park behind the Town Building on Elm St in Harvard

The ride starts at 9:30 and returns by 11:30

Lunch will be at the Harvard General Store or BYO.

Afternoon Ride:  Harvard Prospect Hill  11.9 miles and 692'.

The ride starts at 12:30 and ends by 2:00.

On Wednesday, we'll do two East Pepperell rides.

On Friday, we'll ride in Ipswich.



Friday's Ride

And so autumn begins….

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll be riding with Stephanie on her new, beautiful Westford route of 24.7 miles and 1335' (=54'/mile) elevation. The ride goes to 4 of the ponds in Westford.

Right now the forecast is for a cloudy day with temps in the low 60s.  There a chance of rain by 2pm.

In addition, Stephanie has invited us to park at her house and have some of her world-famous vegetarian lentil soup after the ride (12:15 or so)!  

Let's be at her house, ready to go at 9:30.  The address is 74 Beaver Brook Rd in Littleton but the house numbers on Beaver Brook are a little crazy, so use these hints:

1. There is a mail box at her driveway and it says "Malone"

2. Her house is between Christopher Road and Woodland Drive, each off of Beaver Brook.  If you're coming from the north (e.g. Groton), her house will be on the right just after Christoper Rd and if you're coming from the south (e.g. Harvard) her house will be on the left just after Woodland Dr.

Hope to see you there!

(Look for a Go- No Go message in the morning.)



Wednesday and Friday

No rides tomorrow due to inclement weather.

On Friday, we'll do either Ipswich or Westford. Wind will be the main issue in Ipswich, currently forecasted to be 21mph from the NE with temps in the high 60s…so it will feel even cooler. Whereas in Westford it will be in the low 70s with a 14mph wind.

Happy New Year to those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah!


Bill & Joel

Today's ride CHANGE OF TIME

Let's plan to meet at 9:30 at the Bedford Depot.  

According to the forecast, rain may start at 1:00.  So we'll get in as much riding as possible and maybe stop at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington instead of Dave's.

GO Bedford  9:30

Bill & Joel

Friday's Ride

Due to the weather forecast for clouds and possible rain, we're postponing the Ipswich ride until we get a Friday with nice weather.

Instead, we're planning the Bedford - Somerville ride on the Minuteman Commuter Bike Path and lunch at Dave's Pasta (or any other nice place).

We'll meet at the Bedford Depot (at about 90 Loomis St, Bedford) for a 10:00 departure. 

The ride is about 23 miles and mostly flat.

We'll probably eat on the early side and return by 2:00.

For those who like hills, we'll have 10 minutes of extra exercise in Lexington.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Beautiful day for biking

GO - Dunstable

Tomorrow's Rides

The weather tomorrow will be sunny with temps between 63 in the morning and 75 by 2:00.

We'll meet at Larter Field in Dunstable (entrance at about 80 Groton Rd) and be ready to leave at 9:30 on the morning ride:   Dunstable-Field of Dreams.

Lunch will be from 11:30 to 12:30, either BYO or take out from the Farmhouse Cafe (17 Pleasant St)

The afternoon ride will start at 12:30 and be back by 2:30.  It is the Dunstable-Recreation ride.

For those of you who didn't ride on Friday, please arrive in time to initial and sign the waiver and bring $10 if you plan to ride more than once.

See you there,

Joel  978-501-0751

Bill   781-248-2624

PS  If the link doesn't work, try right click and open link...

Adventurides - Week of September 11

On Monday (current forecast: sunny with a high of 79)we'll do two beautiful rides in Dunstable:

Morning Ride:  Dunstable - Field of Dreams  16 miles long and 895' of elevation.  We'll park at Larter Field in Dunstable. The entrance is at about 80 Groton St, Dunstable.

We'll leave at 9:30 and be back at 11:30.

Lunch will be BYO on the picnic tables at the field or take out from Farmhouse Cafe at 17 Pleasant St.  (One of us will drive back to the Cafe to pick up the orders so we won't have to carry them on our bikes.)

Afternoon Ride:  Dunstable - Recreation  15 miles and 714'  This ride has a 1 mile trail through the woods after the stone arch bridge.  

We'll leave at 12:30 and return at 2:00.

On Wednesday, September 13 (partly cloudy, 83):  West Action - Littleton and West Acton Schoolhouse

On Friday, September 15 (currently forecasting rain but stay tuned):  Ipswich!!

Happy weekend,

Joel and Bill

This Morning's Ride

GO - Hudson

Weather fine, a little cool.

Friday ride

The Hudson weather for tomorrow looks good…. 64 degrees at 10am and about 70 shortly after noon. I'll send an update in the morning with the GO/NOGO message.

We'll meet at 9:30 at the lot behind the Horseshoe Pub at 29 South St and ride the Hudson Stow route.  I just edited the route and made a new one called Hudson Stow When The Trail Is Too Wet in case we need it.

Bring an initialed and signed waiver if you can, along with $10 if you plan to ride more than once this session. 

Please pump up your tires, bring your helmet, water and smile!

See you there!

Bill and Joel


Friday's Ride

Joel and I have changed the route for Friday. It still starts from the same place and is the  Hudson Stow ride which is shorter and less hilly (16.1 miles and 579') so maybe more riders will come along.  This ride uses the upper part of the Assabet River Rail Trail and goes through the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge and the Delaney Flood Control Site.

The reason for the change is that both of the other Hudson routes we were considering have a blocked road (thanks to Carole for letting us know).

I'll send a reminder tomorrow night.


Adventurides - Ride on Friday, September 8 - Hudson

Hello Adventuriders

We hope you're all having a great Labor Day weekend and that you have your bikes all ready to go.

Our first ride of the season is scheduled for next Friday, although the long range forecast is calling for rain in the morning (maybe we could meet for lunch and then ride!).

We'll be doing either the  Hudson - Asset River Rail Trail route (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12893443) which is 21 miles long or the Hudson-Berlin-ARRT route (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/12893462)  which is 23 miles.

For lunch we'll go to the Flatbread Rail Trail Co. at 33 Main St. and we'll park and meet behind the Horseshoe Pub at 29 South St in Hudson.  Please park well back of the Pub.  

We'll meet at 9:30 and collect your initialed and signed waivers (see attached) and start the ride at 9:45.  Lunch will be between 12 and 12:30.

You'll note on the map that the New City Microcreamery is right across the street from Flatbread. It's a great place for a reward for a nice ride.

Please remember to bring:

waiver (we'll have extra ones)
full tires

We'll send a reminder on Thursday evening and a GO/NOGO message on Friday morning.

Also, please clear your calendar for Friday the 15th for Darlene's new Ipswich ride and the 22nd for Stephanie's new Westford ride. 

On Monday and Wednesday the 11th and 13th we'll be riding in Dunstable and Bolton.


Bill   781-248-2624
Joel  978-501-0751

Adventurides this Fall


Hello All

We hope you've had a healthy and happy summer (and still are)!

This is just a short note to let you know we are eager to start the 28th Adventurides session this fall and our first ride will be on

Friday, September 8.

We'll continue to use the most recent format:

Mondays: morning fitness and afternoon recreation

Wednesdays: morning recreation and afternoon fitness

Fridays: Leader's choice

We'll be in touch with the details for the 8th and the following week.

In the meantime, please make sure your helmet is in good condition, dust off your bike, maybe clean and oil your chain, check your brakes and get your pump ready.

Attached please find the Waiver. If you want, you can initial the first page and sign the second page, scan it and e-mail it back or bring it with you on your first ride.

The fee will be $10.

If you're not a member of the Adventurides Club on ridewithgps.com and you'd like to be, let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 8th,

Bill and Joel

Spring 2017

We want to thank our riders for keeping Adventurides the great biking club that it is and for a fun and safe season.

We are no longer available to lead this month and so the official Spring 2017 has come to a close.  

Overall, 23 riders participated and we had 33 rides.  There were NO flat tires and only one fall that I know of (me) which was due to one of three similar chain problems.

We would love hearing from you as to how you felt the biking season went and any ideas you may have for improvements on topics such as 


Jane has decided not to co-lead in the fall but we are happy to let you know that Joel Ross has agreed to take her place.

Many thanks to Jane and Joel!!

We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and safe summer!


Jane and Bill

GO Newburyport

Please arrive by 9:45.


Jane and Bill

Newburyport tomorrow

On Friday, June 2 - Newburyport - 18 Spring St.  (Either exit 56 or 57 off of 95 works)

We will be doing a ride led by Darlene's friend MJ Verde who lives in Newburyport. We will park near to and leave from her house.

Here is the route (more or less) as logged last fall:  Newburyport with MJ.  It's about 25 miles with an elevation gain of about 890'.

There is a fee of $2 per 3 cyclists in the Wildlife Refuge. (Beach may not be accessible due to Piping Plover Nests.)

The weather will be sunny to mostly sunny with temperatures from 63 to 67. There will be a west wind from 7 to 13 mph.  

Bring your helmet, water, sun lotion, snack and bike.

Some of us will stay for lunch at a restaurant (TBD) in downtown Newburyport.

Please arrive promptly by 9:45am so we can get parked, etc. and leave no later than 10am (some folks have to get back for kids, etc.)

We should be back by 1:00 - 1:30.

Note:  Parking is limited.  If anyone other than Olga, Jane, Nancy, Teun are going please let us know so we can set up more car pools.

Many thanks to MJ!!

Bill and Jane


No Ride

Due to the chance of thunderstorms, this afternoon's ride is cancelled.


GO - West Acton

For the morning ride, 59 and cloudy at the start. At 11:00 there's a 15% chance of precipitation. It's a GO.

For the afternoon ride, there's a chance of thunderstorms in some forecasts earlier than 3:00. I will make the call at 11:30 and send an e-mail then.


Wednesday's Rides - West Acton

Currently, the forecast for tomorrow is for cloudy skies in the morning with temperatures from the low 60s to the mid 60s.
In the afternoon, the temps will approach 70 but there is also a chance of thunderstorms.  

Wednesday, May 31 - West Acton Elm St Playground

Parking:  Elm St Playground  Set your GPS for 16 Elm St Acton

Morning Ride:  West Acton - Littleton  This ride will leave at 9:30am and return at 11:30.  It is 13.5 miles long and has an elevation gain of 596'.

Lunch:  11:45   Idylwilde Farm  366 Central St Acton  You can buy your lunch there; we usually eat on their picnic tables.

Afternoon Ride:  West Acton - Boxboro   This ride will leave at 12:30pm and return at 2:30.  It is 11.2 miles long with an elevation gain of 623'.

Both rides are "recreation rides".

I will send a GO/NOGO message in the morning with further info on the weather for the afternoon.


PS  We have 4 people going to Newburyport on Friday so far (Jane, Nancy, Teun, Bill). Anyone else?

Rides this week

Jane and I are planning two rides in Acton tomorrow with parking at the Elm St playground and lunch at Idylwilde Farms close by. But we're watching the forecast for possible thunderstorms. 

On Friday, we have the Newburyport ride scheduled, led by Darlene's friend MJ.  Last year we parked in her neighborhood.  However, she'd like a count of cars ahead of time.

If you are planning to ride Friday, please let me know.


Bill (& Jane)

STOP no Friday ride

Bill and I will plan West Acton rides for Wednesday May 31st.
Newburyport is scheduled for Friday June 2nd.
Hoping for better biking weather next week, Jane

GO - Bolton

The rain will pass us by to the south and dissipate. 

Memorial Park is on the left on Wattaquadock Hill Rd just after you pass Manor Rd on the right.

The address is about 65 Wattaquadock Hill Rd but hard to tell exactly.

Temps are low 60s at 9:30 for the am start and mid-60s for the 12:30 start.

Bring your lunch.


Tomorrow's Rides

As of now, the forecast for tomorrow morning in Bolton includes a 50% chance of showers from 10-12. The afternoon looks ok.

Jane and I will confer early in the am and send out an update.

Bill & Jane

Bolton Wednesday

On Wednesday we'll use Memorial Park in Bolton as our meeting place.  It's at about 100 Wattaquadock Hill Rd. just after Manor Rd. but on the left coming from downtown Bolton on Rte 117.

The Wednesday morning Recreation ride will be Bolton - Harvard which is 13.2 miles long and has an elevation of 719'. Start at 9:30 and end at 11:30.

We'll have lunch at picnic tables in Memorial Park.  Please bring your own lunch.

The afternoon Fitness ride will be Bolton - Berlin which is 12.7 miles and 860'. Start at 12:30 and end at 2:30.

Lots of pretty farm and orchard landscape on these rides…

On Friday, we're scheduled to do the Gloucester Rockport ride though the forecast is for rain.  Darlene will lead this ride and she and Jane will be in touch later in the week.

NO ride today

Too raw out!

But Wednesday's forecast is looking better…

Stay tuned.


This week

The forecast is not good for Monday, Wednesday or Friday this week.

Tomorrow morning there is a 35% chance of rain but increasing as the day goes on. And it will be cool.

Tuesday looks ok. I could do a ride Tuesday afternoon. Is anyone interested?

Bill & Jane

Hampton - Portsmouth GO

It's a GO



Tomorrow's Ride

We will leave at 10am from the North Beach parking lot in Hampton, NH which is at the intersection of route 27 (High St) and Route 1A (Ocean Blvd.)

Please plan to arrive at 9:45 to allow for paying the parking fee and getting ready to go.

The temps will be in the high 70s and there will be a cross wind from the west with skies partly cloudy.  

We'll do the northbound 18 miles in the first two hours, then have lunch. The return trip, which is 12 miles, will take 1 1/4 hours.  

Join us for this wonderful, quite flat ride along the seacoast!

Bill (& Jane)

GO Meadowbrook

70 and sunny at 9:30; 80 at 12:30; 84 at 2:30.

Sun lotion; water.


Jane  508-397-4723
Bill     781-248-2624

Begin forwarded message:

From: Bill Segal <bill.segal@comcast.net>
Subject: [AdventuRides] Rides Tomorrow
Date: May 16, 2017 at 7:28:23 PM EDT

Reminder:   Meadowbrook - Sterling - Lancaster - Clinton - West Boylston tomorrow:

Wednesday, May 17 - Meadowbrook-Lancaster(am)/Meadowbrook-Old Stone Church(pm)
- park at Meadowbrook Orchards102 Chace Hill Rd. Sterling. Please park well away from the restaurant.

    The morning ride leaves promptly at 9:30am and will return at 11:30.
    -  this route goes to the Wachusett Dam and goes through Sterling, Lancaster and Clinton. It is 13 miles long and has an 
     elevation of  706' or 54'/mi.

  -  Lunch at Meadowbrook Orchards - 11:30 - 12:30

   The afternoon ride will leave at 12:30 and return at 2:30. It is 16.2 miles long and has an elevation of 699' or 43'/mi. 
    It will take us to the Old Stone Church via the Central Mass Rail Trail.

These rides are about the same….each somewhere between recreation and fitness.

The day will be sunny with temps from 70-82.

See you there!

Jane and Bill

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