Friday's Ride

Due to some schedule issues, we'll not do the Cape Ann ride tomorrow but rather the East Pepperell to Nashua route. This is a 25 mile route with an elevation of 971'.

The ride goes up through Hollis and the the NW side of Nashua and uses the Broad St. Parkway to go downtown. We'll eat at Seedlings, Riverwalk Cafe, Peddler's Daughter or elsewhere depending on the group's preference. The return trip is via Mine Falls Park, route 111 and the NRRT back to the parking lot at trailside at about 60 Groton St. in East Pepperell.

The ride will leave at 10am.  

Safety Note:   Yesterday was another of those beautiful fall days when it's quite cool in the morning but quickly warms up.  So we use layers on top.  At one point I rolled up my light yellow jacket and tied it around my waist as I've done many times.  On Newtown Rd in Littleton, Hans called out that part of my jacket was in the back wheel.  When I put on the brakes, they grabbed and ate up the jacket and tightened the knot that I had in the jacket in around my waist.  Fortunately, we weren't going too fast so I was able to disengage my shoes and wrestle with the knot. But for a while there, the bike, the jacket and I were one entity.  Had I been going faster I might have gone over the handlebars onto the busy street….

I know only a small number of us will be riding tomorrow but I hope everyone has a nice weekend,


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