You can fill out either the Littleton or Acton form, sign our Waiver, and bring them with you to the first ride, or we will have copies for you to fill out before the ride. We are waiving all the Littleton extra fees silliness, so it doesn't matter which one you use.

We still offer two pass options, the descriptions have changed a bit though.

The One Day A Week Pass entitles you to ride one day a week during the season. If you miss a week, come twice the next week. We don't keep track, its on the honor system. 
You may ride a different day each week if you choose. Here are your choices:
  • Monday - morning and/or afternoon Recreation Rides.
  • Wednesday - Exploration Ride.
  • Friday - Fitness Ride.

The Season Pass entitles you to all the all the rides you want during the season.

Thank You!
Bill and Carole

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