Reminder - Fitness Ride Tomorrow

Dear AdventuRiders,

Well, the forecast for Friday is looking better all the time! Currently it is looking like mid 40s in the morning with sunny skies and little wind, and low 50s by noon. It should be a perfect day for the inaugural, All New And Improved Fitness Ride. 

So the idea behind the ANAI Fitness Ride is to get a good workout without spending all day doing it. Its not a race, and we won't leave anybody behind, but we plan to ride a bit more purposefully and cover many more miles than the Fitness Rides of yore. Think or it as doing both the morning and afternoon ride from last year but without the lunch break in the middle. We will stop for a snack along the way, so plan accordingly. Please don't be intimidated, if you find the Recreation Rides too easy, give the Fitness Rides a try.

Since this is "Rail Trail Week" at AdventuRides, we will ride a few miles of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail on our way to the Olde North Bridge in Concord. Along the way we will visit Chelmsford Center, Great Brook Farm State Park, the backroads of Carlisle, and beautiful views from Monument Street. Then we return via Strawberry Hill Road and some more of the BFRT.

We will meet at Heart Pond in South Chelmsford. Last time I checked, there was a PortaPotty in the parking lot. The route is about 26 miles with about 500 feet elevation gain. Here is a map. There is a bit of easy gravel / dirt in GBFSP and at the Olde North Bridge, but I plan to bring my road bike.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can finish the paperwork and get everybody ready for a great ride!

On Friday, April 8th, we will meet at the Heart Pond Parking lot in South Chelmsford.
  • At 9:30 AM - The Fitness Ride will leave for the Olde North Bridge in Concord. Here is a map.
  • At 12:30 PM - We will be back.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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