Change of Plans ...

Dear AdventuRiders,

When I planned the Wednesday ride, the forecast was Partly Cloudy and mid 70s. Not that I particularly believe the weatherman, but the current forecast is for 96 degrees on Wednesday. That is WAYYYY beyond my limit for dry biking, so I am changing the Exploration Ride to a potentially wet ride along the Squannacook River in West Groton and Heald Pond in Pepperell. As Alex and I found out last summer, even 98 degrees feels good as long as there is a pond / river to jump into.

On Wednesday, June 8th - West Groton

We will meet at Cutler Field in West Groton. Here is a starting point map.

This is a variant of my hot summer day ride from Groton Center. We will stop at the Bertozzi Wildlife Management Area with an optional dip in the Squannacook River. Then its off to the hills of West Pepperell and Heald Pond. For those who haven't been there, Heald Pond is as close to a mountain lake as you are going to find around here. I know a secluded beach where we can enjoy the crystal clear water. I've extended my normal route a bit to avoid the really steep hills and still stop at Heald Pond. Then we zoom down the hill to Pepperell Center before returning by way of (but not over) Mount Lebanon.
  • We will leave at 9:30 AM
  • Start Point Map - Cutler Field
  • Route Map - West Groton - Swimming Holes
  • Distance : 19 1/2 miles
  • Elevation Gain : 425 feet (moderate)
  • Unpaved : 1.5 miles
  • Equipment : I will riding my HYBRID bike.
AR Index = roughly equal to 23 flat, paved miles.

Here is the schedule:
  • At 9:30 AM - The Exploration Ride will leave.
  • By 1:00 PM - We will be back.
  • Lunch - Clover Farm Store? Filhos?

Hope to see you there,
Bill (and maybe Carole)

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