Seacoast Century This Weekend

Dear Seacoast Centurions,

The Seacoast Century is this coming weekend, September 24th and 25th. The weather for Saturday is not looking good, but it still quite a few days away.

If the weatherman happens to be right, I am planning to do a 64 mile route on Sunday that starts at Hampton Beach and goes to Cape Neddick and back. Here is a map. My route takes an inland shortcut back that includes some unpaved (but smooth) roads and bypasses Newcastle on the way back. If we are feeling ambitious, there is a 12 mile extension that will take us to Perkins Cove, just south of Ogunquit. Here is a map

The official metric century (62 miles) turns around in York and misses Cape Neddick :-( 

I'm thinking if we get an "early" start about 9:30 AM, then 64 miles will get us back before 4:00 PM. If we go to Perkins Cove, it will add about an hour.

Thoughts, comments?

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