THANKS + RiverFest + SummeRides

Dear AdventuRiders,

THANKS for a great season, we couldn't do it without you! We did 34 rides and 725 miles total in spite of some weather challenges.

So, now that I have acclimated / acquiesced to Summer let's get the FREE SummeRides season started. 

First up is RiverFest on Sunday, June 24th. We will be leading 2 rides that day. The first ride from 10:30 AM until noon is a "Family Ride" from Groton Center to Pepperell on the Rail Trail to explore the Nashua and Nissitissit Rivers. The second ride is an "Adult and Teen Ride" from Noon to 1:00 PM and covers the same territory. None of this will be new to seasoned AdventuRiders, but its a good way to get to RiverFest since you will need to take a bus from Deluxe (NEBS) parking lot if you plan to drive.

As a reminder to new riders, you MUST have an approved bicycle helmet, and you MUST pump up your tires! You will also need to initial and sign our Release and Waiver of Liability. Sorry, no unaccompanied minors are allowed.

On Sunday, June 24th - RiverFest
  • 10:30 AM - We will leave for Pepperell.
  • Noon - We should be at RiverFest.
  • Starting Point Map - Groton Center.
  • Route Map - RiverFest.
  • Distance - 9 1/2 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 85 feet.
  • Unpaved - None.
  • Equipment - I plan to bring my road bike.
Lunch - maybe later :-)
There will be food for sale at RiverFest.

  • Noon - We will leave for Pepperell (again from Groton Center).
  • 1:00 PM - We should be at RiverFest.
  • Starting Point Map - Groton Center.
  • Route Map - RiverFest.
  • Distance - 9 1/2 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 85 feet.
  • Unpaved - None.
  • Equipment - I plan to bring my road bike.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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