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Dear AdventuRiders,

I hate the term "Season's Greetings" since it's just a generic, politically correct cop out. So, "Harambee!" (Swahlli Quanzaa greeting), "Merry Christmas", "chag Chanukah sameach", "Happy New Years", "Io, Saturnalia!", and of course my favorite, "Bah Humbug".

Surprisingly, I have some bicycle related news. 
  • Bike New York has gone back to a "rush" signup system for their Five Boro Tour. It typically sells out all 30,000 participants in less than 24 hours. I've done this ride twice, and while it's a logistical "problem", it's certainly something for the bucket list. Registration begins January 22nd at noon.
  • Maine Lighthouse Ride has extended their early registration deadline until January 15th. We did this ride once, had two flat tires before we even started, and the weather was horrible. They have significantly extended the trail since then and the weather could be wonderful. I'm tempted to try this ride again.
  • AdventuRides - January. The next week looks cold (YAY!!!), but if we get a January thaw (BOO!!!), stay tuned for a new Princeton ride.
In Downhill Ski related news, I have found that Christmas day is one of the best ski days of the year. Wachusett opens at 4:00 PM on Christmas day, the slopes are still freshly groomed, the lights are on, and there is no one there who speaks English :-) Let me know if you want to join me. BTW, All season passes are valid after 4:00 PM.

In non-ski related news, on days that my Wachusett pass doesn't work, or the ski conditions are crummy, I have been known to climb Mount Wachusett from the south on Administration Road. It's about a 5 mile round trip to the summit and back. Easy and scenic, who could ask for more? I'll let you know...

Bill and Carole

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