Groton Town Meeting Articles

Dear AdventuRiders,

If you are not a Groton resident, you can ignore the rest of this message and go back to staying warm.

Otherwise, there are 2 articles of interest to outdoor people at the Groton Town Meeting on Saturday.

1. Treating the invasive weeds in Knops Pond and Lost Lake. 

As many of you know, our intrepid rider Alex has been working hard (and writing compelling articles) with his friend Art Prest to save the Groton Lakes from being overrun with invasive weeds. They have gotten all the approvals and now its just a matter of getting funding from the town for herbicide treatment. The article will be for $95,000. This is the first step to reopening Town Beach for the enjoyment of all.

It is the first article to be considered, so your prompt arrival at 9:00 AM on Saturday 01/26 at the Middle School is essential to getting the 2/3 majority needed.

2. Fitch Bridge replacement. 

The prices came in much lower than expected.  Rather than the $600,000-$650,000 expected for a new bridge, the prices were $160,000 for demolition alone and ~$386,000 for the whole project (including demolition of the old bridge).

We've stopped by this bridge many times, and being able to cross the river at this point allows us to avoid riding on 119 or 225. YAY!


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