Seacoast Century This Weekend 9/21 and 9/22

Dear AdventuRiders,

If you are not planning to do the Granite State Wheelmen's 40th Annual SeaCoast Century, featuring the new lifting bridge at Portsmouth, NH (Whew!), you can ignore the rest.

The tradition of me tinkering with every route I have ever encountered continues. This year I am planning a metric century (100 kilometers, or 62 miles) that goes from Hampton Beach, NH to Cape Neddick in York, ME. If the spirit moves us (or me), I have an extension to Kennebunkport, ME that will give us the REAL, HONEST TO GOD, PATRIOTIC, HEROIC, ALL AMERICAN CENTURY of 100 miles :-)

I've lost track of who has signed up, so if you want to coordinate with me, RSVP.


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