AdventuRides Spring 2014 Starts in 4 Weeks!

Dear AdventuRiders,

Believe it or not, we are scheduled to start riding in just 4 weeks! We may be limited to the Minuteman Bikeway for a while since it is plowed, but we plan to launch our 20th season as soon as possible.

What's new you ask?

First of all, we've gone back to our old schedule of Recreation Rides on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. Fitness Rides will be Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. All rides will be 2 hours long, with the Fitness Rides being longer and faster. Hopefully this will give people more options.

Unfortunately, we found out that we really aren't equipped to teach Beginner Rides, so we dropped them. Once you are comfortable riding 15 miles on the Rail Trail at a reasonable pace, it's time to join our Recreation Rides.

Finally our Fearless Leader's Choice Rides will continue on Wednesday's with longer rides and new places to explore. 

Of special note is our 4th annual Boston Marathon Ride on April 21st where we ride the route of the Marathon before the real event starts. Last year turned out scary, but we can't let the bad guys win!

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the start.

Bill and Carole