The Big End - Hammond Castle

Dear AdventuRiders,

My son's school has a tradition that the last day of school culminates in "The Big End" where I am usually recruited to burn the hot dogs while the rest of the school feasts on black bean veggie burgers.

Anyhow, next Wednesday, June 18th will be "The Big End" for the 21st season of AdventuRides. All of our riders, past, present, and future are invited to join us on an EPIC journey to Beverly, the North Shore, and Hammond Castle in Gloucester.

Did you know that the only person with more patents than John Hays Hammond, Jr. is Thomas Edison? I have never actually been inside Hammond Castle, but my son Milo will be along to make me take the tour and see the organ. Be aware though that Hammond Castle doesn't allow bike cleats, so bring $0.98 Walmart flip flops if you want to do the tour. Admission is $10.

So the plan is to meet in Beverly at the soccer fields on Cross Lane and ride along the coast to Gloucester. We will stop at Lynch Park and ride through Endicott College in Beverly, go to Tuck's Point and Singing Beach in Manchester, and tour some beautiful coastline in Gloucester. I haven't checked out our usual LUNCH stop in Magnolia yet, but we'll find something special.

Here is the starting point map. We usually meet at 10:00 AM to avoid the traffic.
Here is a route map, its about 25 miles, but basically flat.

Mark your calendars! More details to follow next week.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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