Pepperell ROTARY on Friday.

Dear AdventuRiders,

I've spent the day appreciating fine art in New Hampshire (who knew?), so I'm a bit behind in bike routing.

I wanted to give you a heads up on where we are going to start tomorrow before I figure out all the details. We will meet at the Pepperell ROTARY, NOT at the Rail Trail Parking in East Pepperell Center.

Hopefully we can have a picnic lunch and we can get food at C&S Pizza across the rotary from our meeting spot.

My goal is to find a Fitness ride that goes to Lake Potanipo in Brookline, NH and follows the Nissitissit back to Pepperell. In the afternoon, my goal is to find a Recreation ride that goes to Hollis, NH and also follows the Nissitissit River. 

Stay tuned.

On FridayApril 3rd - Pepperell Rotary.

Starting Point
  • Name - Pepperell Recreation Department
  • Address - 4 Hollis Street
  • Town - Pepperell, MA 01463
  • Navigation - Google
  • Parking - Please park away from the building.
  • Facilities - None - Unless the Rec Dept is open.
9:30 AM - The Morning Fitness Ride will leave.
  • Route Map - Brookline, NH.
  • Distance - 16-ish miles.
  • Elevation Gain -
  • Unpaved - maybe
  • AR Index - Roughly equal to XX flat smooth miles.
11:30 AM - We are scheduled to be back.

11:30 AM - Lunch Time

C&S Pizza - Picnic lunch

12:30 PMThe Afternoon Recreation Ride will leave.
  • Route Map - Hollis, NH.
  • Distance - 13-ish miles.
  • Elevation Gain -
  • Unpaved - probably
  • AR Index - Roughly equal to XX flat smooth miles.
2:30 PM - We are scheduled to be back.

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