GO - Except Fearless Leader is Sick :-(

Dear AdventuRiders,

If I feel better, I will join you. Otherwise I have simplified the routes below, and if somebody installs the RideWithGPS app, it will show you the way.

Friday looks to be a delightful day with temps in the 70s and low humidity. We will start at Meadowbrook Orchards in Sterling. They have breakfast, coffee, donuts, PORCELAIN, lunch, and take home goodies, everything a biker could want! 

The Morning Fitness Ride will zip over to Sterling on the wide shoulder of Route 62. We can admire the "Mary Had A Little Lamb" statue before enjoying the Mass Central Rail Trail. After a stop at the Old Stone Church, we will return on scenic Chace Road.

The Afternoon Recreation Ride will go to George's Hill in Lancaster for some lovely views and then on to the Wachusett Reservoir and Dam in Clinton, one of the wonders of the 19th century. The hill back UP to Meadowbrook is no fun, but they put orchards at the top of the hill for a reason...

On Friday, May 29th - Meadowbrook Orchards, Sterling

Starting Point
  • Name - Meadowbrook Orchards.
  • Address - 209 Chace Hill Road. 
  • Town - Sterling, MA 01564.
  • Navigation - Google - Waze
  • Parking - Please park away from the restaurant, so the regulars won't be inconvenienced.
  • Facilities - Everything!!!

9:30 AM - The Morning Fitness Ride will leave.
  • Route Map - Meadowbrook - Old Stone Church
  • Distance - 17 miles
  • Elevation Gain - 700 feet.
  • Unpaved - A few miles of the Smooth Mass Central Trail.
  • AR Index - Roughly equal to 21 flat smooth miles.
11:30 AM - We are scheduled to be back.

11:30 AM - Lunch Time

Meadowbrook Orchards - YUMMY lunch (but can be slow). Lots of frozen entrees to take home. 

12:30 PM - The Afternoon Recreation Ride will leave.
  • Route Map - Meadowbrook - Wachusett
  • Distance - 12.5 miles
  • Elevation Gain - 700 feet
  • Unpaved - a couple miles of smooth gravel.
  • AR Index - Roughly equal to 17 flat smooth miles.
2:30 PM - We are scheduled to be back.

Hope to see you there,
(hopefully) Bill and Carole

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