Reminder Acton Center Wednesday

 Tomorrow's weather looks partly cloudy,  reaching the  high 50's in the afternoon. 
As always we will send a GO/STOP before 8 am on the day of the ride. If you do not see this, check

 Bill and Jane
Jane's cell : 508-397-4723
Bill's cell : 781-248-2624

On Wednesday November 16th - Acton 
Starting Point
Facilities - Try the Library
Lunch -    Acton House of Pizza

9:30 AM - The Morning Recreation Ride will leave.

    Route Map #5 Acton Center Nagog
      Distance 13.7
Elevation  688
        Unpaved about 1/2 mile. 

11:30 AM - We should be back

12:30 PM - The afternoon Fitness Ride will leave. 

Route Map  #6 Acton Center Boxboro
Distance 14.8
Elevation 822

2:30 PM - We should be back.

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