Adventurides Spring 2017

Dear Adventuriders,

We will start our 27th season On Friday March 31st at 10am. The forecast calls for temperatures in the high 40s and low 50s, and sunny. Watch for a go/no go message Friday March 31st or check our website:  

We have posted the 2017 Spring Calendar.  Both of us greatly appreciate the leading done by many of you and we hope that you will do it again during this season.  You can find a list of the rides at the bottom of the calendar sheet.

Our RideWithGPS club membership has been renewed for another year with the money collected last year.   So Adventuriders  may continue to use this service. 

 This spring  Adventurides dues are $10. 

We'll start the season with a ride on the Minuteman Bikeway to Somerville as way to get our biking legs back and a chance to socialize after the long winter. 

You will need:

  • To  be sure that your bike is in excellent condition.
  • ANSII approved bicycle helmet
  • Signed Waiver (attached)