Change of Plans - Groton Center Tomorrow

Dear AdventuRiders,

I just got back from scouting tomorrow's ride, and the off road portions are very muddy :-( So, I'm changing the starting point to Groton Center and the lunch spot to Hollis Country Kitchen. Drive less, bike more!

Before I forget, check out these videos and pictures from recent rides.

Greenville video, thanks Alex!
Tour de Forts video, thanks Alex!
Tour de Forts pictures, thanks iPhone!

The weather tomorrow is looking nice though, 60 degrees and sunny in the morning, mid 70's in the afternoon. I haven't decided on the route yet, but here is a possible map. Its 28 miles, about 1000 feet verical and do-able on a road bike. There may be a bit of dirt / gravel roads, but its mostly on road or the rail trail.

On Thursday, May 20th, we will meet in Groton Center at the rail trail parking. Here is a map.

* At 9:30 AM, we will leave for Hollis. Here is a map.
* At noonish, we will have lunch at Hollis Country Kitchen.
* At 2:15 PM, we will be back.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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