This Week - Dunstable - Brookline - Lunenburg

Dear AdventuRiders,

Thanks to everyone who covered for me on Friday! I'm mostly recovered and raring to go.

On Monday, May 10th
, we will ride around Dunstable and enjoy the views and blossoms. The forecast is looking lovely too, SUNNY and about 50 degrees in the morning, and mid 50's and breezy in the afternoon.

The morning Fitness Ride will visit the "field of dreams" in Dunstable and some pretty back roads in Tyngsboro. The route is about 16 miles and quite hilly (900 feet vertical). It is mostly on road, but there are long stretches of broken pavement. Here is a map.

The afternoon Recreational Ride will enjoy the views from High Street and we will ride a bit of very civilized off road on the NA&B Rail Line and see the stone arch bridge. The route is about 14 miles and a bit hilly (650 feet vertical). Here is a map.

On Monday, May 10th, we will meet at Larter Field in Dunstable. The nearest intersection is Groton Street and Dogwood Lane. Here is a map.

* At 9:30 AM - The Fitness ride will leave for "The Field of Dreams". Here is a map.
* At 11:30 AM - We will have a picnic lunch from The Convenient Mann.
* At 12:15 PM - The Recreational ride will leave for High Street and the Stone Arch Bridge. Here is a map.
* At 2:15 PM - We will be back.

On Wednesday, May 12th, we will meet at the parking lot just off Route 13 and Mason Road in Brookline, NH. Here is a map. Google claims its only 21 minutes from Groton Center.

* At 9:30 AM, we will leave for Milford, NH. Here is a map.
* Noon-ish, we will stop for lunch at Amigos Mexican Cantina.
* At 2:15 PM, we will be back.

On Friday, May 14th, we will meet between the Senior Center and the Teen Center in Lunenburg Center. Here is a map.

* At 9:30 AM - The Recreation Ride will leave.
* At 11:30 AM - Yummy lunch at Trudie's Treats.
* At 12:15 PM - The Fitness Ride will leave.
* At 2:15 PM - We will be back.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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