This Week - 5BBT + Pepperell Spa

Dear AdventuRiders,

Well I guess we should expect July weather, ... since its July :-) We had a nice ride Friday morning, but I'm glad I was wet most of the time. We went to breakfast at Mario's (very good), then Nabnassett Pond, Burge's Pond, and had an interesting 16 mile ride too.

Anyhow, this week is looking a bit cooler but more unsettled than last week. At this point, Monday appears to be the most bike friendly day so ...

Not to be outdone by the NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour, I present the Central Massachusetts 5 Boro Bike Tour. We will ride through Marlboro, Southboro, Westboro, Northboro, and Boxboro. Along the way, we will ride on the Assebet River Rail Trail, have an optional cooling dip in Chauncy Lake, explore the old Westboro State Hospital, stop at the Horseshoe Pub for lunch (80 beers on tap!), and then circumnavigate Delaney Pond to pick up our last "boro".

The whole route is almost 37 miles with about 900 feet vertical. None of the hills are particularly significant and most of the elevation gain is on the rail trail with about a 3% grade. Lunch is at 27 miles, so be sure to bring a snack! If people get tired at the end, there is a shortcut that saves 5 miles, but misses Boxboro. There is some offroad / gravel around Chauncy Lake, but I plan to bring my road bike anyway. Here is a map.

NOTE: the 9:00 AM starting time. We want to beat the heat and get lunch at a decent hour. Don't expect a GO status update since I am on "vacation". If the weather is looking bad, I will send out a STOP before 8:00 AM.

On Monday, July 12th, we will meet at the new park in Stow. Here is a map. Note: Old Bolton Road DOES NOT intersect with Route 117 at Delaney Street.

  • At 9:00 AM, we will leave for the Assebet River Rail Trail. Here is a map.
  • At 10:30 AM (ish), we will be at Chauncy Lake for a snack / swim.
  • At 12:30 PM (ish), we will have lunch at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson.
  • At 2:30 PM (ish), we will be back.

On Friday, July 16th, we will meet in Groton and ride to Pepperell for breakfast and Heald Pond for a swim.
  • At 7:30 AM, we will leave for Pepperell.
  • Breakfast at the Spa.
  • Swim at Heald Pond.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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