Change of Plans - Portsmouth on Thursday

Dear AdventuRiders,

The weather forecast for Wednesday has been deteriorating all week. Currently, the Portsmouth forecast is calling for "Mostly Cloudy, Windy, and Cold" :-( Thursday, its supposed to have "Abundant Sunshine" :-)

Based on that, I am moving the Portsmouth ride to Thursday, November 11th. Thursday also happens to be Veteran's Day and most kids have the day off from school. If you want to bring your kids along (and have a bunch of old people kick their butts), that would be great.

Since I don't have to drive anyone to school, let's meet Shaw's to carpool at 8:30 AM so we can get to Hampton North Beach by 9:30 and get started for Portsmouth at a reasonable time.

Here is the plan:

There are several restaurants along Bow Street in Portsmouth that have decks overlooking Portsmouth Harbor. The Stockpot Restaurant is no more :-( but the River House Restaurant has taken over the location. If the weather doesn't fully cooperate, Poco's Cantina has an enclosed heated deck. If all else fails, we can always hit the Portsmouth Brewery downtown.

Lest you think that our rides are all about eating and drinking, we will be biking along the beautiful NH seacoast with stops at Rye Harbor, Odiorne Point / Fort Dearborn, Fort Stark, New Castle / Fort Constitution, Portsmouth Naval Prison, Strawbery Banke, and Prescott Park. On the way back, we will be riding along portions of the East Coast Greenway.

Its is almost all on road (perhaps a bit of civilized off road at Odiorne), and I will be bringing my road bike.

BTW, it is important to note that we are starting at Hampton North Beach, NOT North Hampton Beach.

On Thursday November 11th, we will ride from Hampton North Beach to Portsmouth along the coast via New Castle. The route is about 32 miles, but is almost flat. Here is a map.

* At 8:30 AM - We can meet at the Shaw's parking lot in Groton and carpool to Hampton North Beach (Real restrooms!)
* At 9:30 AM - We will meet at Hampton North Beach.
* At Noonish - We will have lunch on one the decks overlooking Portsmouth Harbor along Bow Street.
* At 3:00 PM - We will be back to Hampton North Beach.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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