This Week - Lunenburg - Dave's Fresh Pasta - Horseshoe Pub

Dear AdventuRiders,

Where did the Fall season go? This is the last official week of AdventuRides this year, although we are planning an end of season party for next Monday.

Well, the weather tomorrow isn't going to be anywhere near as glorious as Friday, but it doesn't look too bad either. Its supposed to be cloudy, near 50 degrees all day, and hardly any wind.

On Monday, we will meet between the Senior Center and the Teen Center in Lunenburg Center. Here is a map.

The morning Fitness Ride will travel to Hickory Hills Lake before climbing Bayberry Hill and then zooming down to Pearl Hill State Park. From there, we will avoid as many hills as we can on the way to Lunenburg. The route is all on road, although there are some areas of broken pavement, quite a few substantial hills, and about 18 miles long. Here is a map.

Lunch (after a moment of silence for the late Trudy's Treats) will be at Village Grill in Lunenburg Center. Here is their menu.

The afternoon Recreation Ride will go south to Lake Shirley and then climb Flat Hill (it isn't flat) for great views and then we will follow Mulpus Brook back to Hickory Hills Lake and then back to Lunenburg. The ride is also all on road with some broken pavement, quite hilly, and about 13 miles long. Here is a map.

On Monday, November 15th, we will meet in Lunenburg Center. Here is a map.

  • At 9:30 AM - The Fitness Ride will leave for Pearl Hill State Park. Here is a map.
  • At 11:30 AM - Lunch at Village Grill. Here is their menu.
  • At 12:15 PM - The Recreation Ride will leave for Lake Shirley. Here is a map.
  • At 2:15 PM - We will be back.

On Wednesday, November 17th, we will meet in Bedford for a ride on the Minuteman Bike Trail to Somerville. Here is a map. There will be two starting points. From Fawn Lake, we will ride the unpaved narrow gauge rail trail to the start of the Minuteman at Bedford Depot. Its about 27 miles round trip. For a shorter, paved, and very flat ride, you can meet us at Bedford Depot for a 22 mile round trip. Everyone is welcome.

  • At 9:45 AM - We will leave from Fawn Lake.
  • At 10:00 AM - We will pick up riders from Bedford Depot.
  • At 11:30 ish - We will have lunch at Dave's Fresh Pasta in Somerville.
  • At 2:15 PM - We should be back to Bedford Depot.
  • At 2:30 PM - We should be back to Fawn Pond.
  • We can continue on to Billerica and back to get our 30 miles in if desired.

On Friday, November 19th
, we will meet at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson.
  • At 9:30 AM - The Recreational ride will leave.
  • At 11:30 AM - We will have lunch at the Horseshoe Pub. 80 beers on tap!
  • At 12:15 PM - The Fitness ride will leave.
  • At 2:15 PM - We will be back.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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