One Week To AdventuRides Spring 2011

Dear AdventuRiders,

Even though it is still cold and I haven't put my skis away yet, AdventuRides Spring 2011 is only one week away! Check out the picture from the Pre-Pre-Season ride on St. Paddy's Day.

We are planning interesting new rides as well as old favorites this season. We now have two different Recreation Rides on Mondays. Our expanded Friday Fitness Rides will allow us to do longer rides to new areas. Our unofficial and usually on Wednesday Exploration Rides will feature rides along the coast to Portsmouth, NH, UP the hills to Greenville, NH, and the beautiful scenery of Cape Ann. BTW, we keep the Exploration Rides unofficial so that we have flexibility in scheduling around the weather and longer travel times.

We still offer two pass options, the descriptions have changed a bit though.

The One Day A Week Pass entitles you to ride one day a week during the season. If you miss a week, come twice the next week. We don't keep track, its on the honor system. 
You may ride a different day each week if you choose. Here are your choices:
  • Monday - morning and/or afternoon Recreation Rides. 
  • Wednesday (usually) - Exploration Ride. 
  • Friday - Fitness Ride.
The Season Pass entitles you to all the all the rides you want during the season.

Now is the time to:
  1. Find your bike.
  2. Pump up the tires!
  3. Find your helmet.
  4. Take your bike (and helmet) out for a test ride to make sure everything is working properly.
  5. Review our Release and Waiver and bring a signed copy to your first ride, or we will have copies available for you to sign.
  6. You can give us a try for free, and when you decide that this is a great physical and social outlet, you can:
  7. Sign up for AdventuRides at :

Think Spring!
Bill and Carole

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