Only One Month to AdventuRides Spring 2011

Dear AdventuRiders,

Believe it or not, its only one month to AdventuRides Spring 2011 season! You don't need to do anything yet, other than hope for great skiing until April 3rd and a huge warmup on April 4th :-)

We have made a few changes (hopefully improvements) to our schedule this season, checkout the calendar picture:

1. We have scheduled two Recreation Rides on Mondays. Each ride will be a different route and you are free to ride morning, or afternoon, or both rides.

2. Since we rarely finished lunch in the allotted 45 minutes, we are officially lengthening lunch to an hour.

3. We have scheduled one Fitness Ride on Fridays and expanded it to 3 hours and 25+ miles. Now you can get in a good workout before lunch!

4. The unofficial "Fearless Leaders Choice" Exploration Ride will remain generally on Wednesdays, but it may move around due to weather or Fearless Leader's whims.

A few words about Bicycle choices:

Our rides are designed to be do-able on almost any well maintained bike. 

The Recreation Rides combine on road and some civilized off road. A sturdy road bike will work, but you will generally be happier with a hybrid bike. You will get a better workout on a mountain bike, but we never go that far off road.

The Fitness Rides will be mostly on road, although we ride dirt / gravel roads, and we recommend either a sturdy road bike or a hybrid bike. A mountain bike will work, but you will need to work extra hard to keep up.

Hope to see you soon,
Bill and Carole

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