Halloween - Save The Date

Dear AdventuRiders,

This year Halloween is on Wednesday, and it occurred to me (duh?) that an Exploration Ride to Salem MA would be really cool! I am planning about a 30 mile ride (its pretty flat) with lunch in Salem. Hopefully the weather doesn't haunt us. Stay tuned for more details.

Well, the "Nearly 100% Chance of Rain" for today turned out to be "Nearly 100% Wrong" :-( Anyway, I spent the day exploring Salem / Beverly / Marblehead (warm and dry in my convertible with the top down) for our first ever Salem ride, on Halloween no less! I found many beautiful places along the coast and of course the madness of Salem this time of year. Did you know that Waikiki Beach is in Salem? Hopefully I can find a starting place near 128 and we can sneak into Salem on some backroads and / or along the coast and avoid the traffic jams.


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