This Week - Harvard - Greenville - Bolton

Dear AdventuRides,

The weather forecast for Monday is looking fantastic! It should be SUNNY around 50 degrees in the morning and still SUNNY and around 60 degrees in the afternoon. It will be breezy / windy, but it is late October after all.

On Monday, October 22nd - Harvard Track
    The morning Recreation Ride features the beautiful mountain views from Prospect Hill, although there is a category 5 hill (the easiest category) getting up to the view. We will also stop and see lots and lots of goats on our way to Bare Hill Pond. We will stop at the beach and hopefully we won't get thrown out.

    The afternoon Recreation Ride features the Shaker Villages and Shaker "lollipop" Cemetery. No trip around Harvard would be complete without riding UP Oak Hill, yes, its a category 5, but its not that steep, just long. This is the famous (infamous?) "roller coaster" ride that seems to be more downhill thrills than uphill work.
    • The morning Recreation Ride will leave at 9:30 AM.
    • We will return by 11:30 AM.
    • Starting Point Map - Harvard Track.
    • Route Map - Harvard - Bare Hill Pond.
    • Distance = 12.5 miles.
    • Elevation Gain = 300 feet (moderate).
    • Unpaved = 1.5 mile - generally smooth.
    • Equipment - Any sturdy, well maintained bike will work.
    AR Index - Roughly equal to 15 flat, paved miles.

    Lunch will be at Sorrento's. We can either drive over or ride over on some back road with just a little time spent on Route 110.
    • The afternoon Recreation Ride will leave at 12:30 PM.
    • We will return by 2:30 PM.
    • Starting Point Map - Harvard Track.
    • Route Map - Harvard - Shaker Villages.
    • Distance = 15 miles.
    • Elevation Gain = 500 feet (more difficult).
    • Unpaved = 1/2 mile.
    • Equipment - Any sturdy, well maintained bike will work.
    AR Index - Roughly equal to 20 flat, paved miles.

    On Wednesday, October 24th -Townsend Center to Greenville
    The ride will be about 25 miles and 1050 feet vertical with a category 3 hill (5 miles long, but not real steep) getting up to the plateau, but then its rolling hills and beautiful distant views. After lunch at Marcus P's Diner Plus, we have a cat 5 hill (easiest category). Its all on road, but there are a few gravel / dirt roads on the way. I plan to bring my road bike, or at least my road bike tires.
    • The Exploration Ride will leave at 9:30 AM.
    • We should return by 2:30 PM.
    • Starting Point Map - Townsend Center.
    • Route Map - Townsend - Greenville - On Road.
    • Distance = 25 miles.
    • Elevation Gain = 1050 feet (challenging).
    • Unpaved = 1 mile
    • Equipment - Any sturdy, well maintained bike will work. I am bringing my road bike.
    AR Index = Roughly 37 flat, paved miles.

    On Friday, October 26th - Bolton Center
    I've given up on Hudson, it seems to be jinxed. I never did figure out a good way to get to the ARRT in Marlboro. Its very hilly and urban ...

    Anyhow, I've salvage the beautiful Bolton and Berlin sections and I am looking at some route through Northboro to round out the Fitness Ride. Stay tuned.

    Hope to see you there,
    Bill and Carole

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