CHANGE OF PLANS - West Acton on Wednesday

Dear AdventuRiders,

Well, I know I have been terribly spoiled by the weather of the last few weeks! It looks like tomorrow will be Mostly Cloudy with a chilly on-shore wind at the coast in the morning and a Few Showers after noon. I actually doubt that it will rain significantly before 4:00 PM tomorrow, but I would like to wait for better weather before driving an hour plus each way to Beverly and back.

So, let's meet at the Elm Street Playground in West Acton tomorrow and ride UP Oak Hill (not steep, but long) followed by a 4 mile scenic ridge ride and cruise DOWN to Delaney Pond.

We can get LUNCH afterwards at Idylwilde Farms.

On Wednesday, May 8th - West Acton
  • 9:30 AM - The Exploration Ride will leave.
  • 1:00 PM - We should be back.
  • Starting Point Map - Elm Street Playground, West Acton
  • Route Map - West Acton - Oak Hill - Delaney
  • Distance - 23 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 650 feet (only 1 cat 5 hill).
  • Unpaved - none.
  • Equipment - I plan to bring my road bike.
AR Index - Roughly equal to 30 flat, smooth miles.

1:00 PM Lunch at Idylwilde Farms.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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