This Week - Rutland - Beverly - Groton

Dear AdventuRiders,

So, its supposed to be very nice weather on Monday, showers (###!!!) on Wednesday, and HOT on Friday.

A few of notes about the Rutland ride.
  • The elevation gain isn't as bad as it looks. The first Cat 5 hill is like Oak Hill in Harvard, not particularly steep, but long. We can avoid the last Cat 5 hill completely by spotting a car just down the hill from the Starting Point.
  • The new mile and a half of the MCRT before Barre is a bit rough, so I may bring my hybrid bike for comfort reasons.
  • The route is a figure 8 sort of thing, so you could do just the first 12 miles with AltaVista Farm, the scenic farms of Mushopauge Road, plus a bit of the MCRT.
  • ... and you could continue on the MCRT and turn around whenever you want.
  • PS - There is a Dunkin Donuts and a PortaPotty at the Starting Point.
For those of you who have ridden the Mass Central Rail Trail around Sterling and West Boyleston, you know how beautiful it is. Now imagine continuing to Barre on the same trail. It's so nice in fact, that we will return on the trail as far as Rutland.

We will have lunch at the Kozy Kabin Restaurant in Barre or the NEW Heavy Evie's Happy Kitchen in Rutland. 

On Monday, May 27th - Rutland
  • The BONUS Ride will leave at 9:30 AM.
  • We will return by 2:30 PM.
  • Starting Point Map - Rutland Naquag Elementary School.
  • Route Map - Rutland - MCRT - Barre.
  • Distance = 26 miles.
  • Elevation Gain = 900 feet (challenging).
  • Unpaved = 14 miles (smooth crushed rock).
  • Equipment = Any sturdy, well maintained bike will work. I am planning to bring my hybrid bike.
AR Index = Roughly equal to 35 flat, paved miles. 

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On Wednesday, May 29th -Beverly Beach Bonanza
  • 10:00 AM - We will leave from the Curve Lane Soccer Field.
  • 12:30 PM- ish - Lunch at Magnolia House of Pizza.
  • 3:00 PM - We should be back.
  • Starting Point Map - Curve Lane Soccer Field.
  • Route Map - Beverly - Manchester - Magnolia.
  • Distance - 30 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 600 feet - pretty flat actually.
  • Unpaved - None.
  • Equipment - I plan to bring my road bike.
AR Index - Roughly equal to 35 flat, smooth miles.
LUNCH - Magnolia House of Pizza. The plan is to buy lunch there and go across the street to the Magnolia Town Landing / Park for a picnic.

On Friday, May 31st - Groton - Brookline, NH

The Fitness Ride will leave Groton bound for Brookline, NH.
AR Index - Roughly equal to 34 flat, smooth miles.

We could have LUNCH somewhere in Pepperell or at Filho's Cucina in Groton Center.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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