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From: Carole Greenfield <carolegreenfield3@gmail.com>
Subject: [AdventuRides] WED- SOMERVILLE GO!
Date: June 8, 2016 at 8:07:23 AM EDT


The forecasts I checked predict 47% and 35% chance of thunderstorms in Portsmouth by 2.  We are too exposed on this ride to play games.  I don't mind rain but I draw the line at lightning.  SO… we are going to do the ride from Bedford to Davis Square instead.  This is a nice EASY ride with great food in the middle.  To make up for the disappointment of missing Portsmouth this week, Darlene has offered her deck with lemonade as a lunch spot. We'll do takeout at Dave's Fresh pasta.

Let me know if you are coming!We will try for Portsmouth next Wednesday. 

On Wednesday, June 8- Bedford Depot

Starting Point
  • Name - Depot Park
  • Address - 120 South Road
  • Town - Bedford, MA, 01730
  • Navigation - Google Maps
  • Parking - By the old rail car.
  • Facilities - Maybe?
9:30 AM - The Fearless Leader's Choice Ride will leave.
  • Route Map - Bedford - Somerville.
  • Distance - 23 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 500 feet (easy)
  • Unpaved - None
  • AR Index - Roughly equal to 26 flat smooth miles.
11:30 AM - Lunch Time

Dave's Fresh Pasta - Takeout 

2:30 PM - We are scheduled to be back.

Start: 10:00
Starting Point: Bedford Depot

I will send out email the morning of the ride with either a GO or a STOP status. If you don't get an email, check your SPAM folder, or go to AdventuRides.com for the latest update. If you are late / lost, Carole's cell phone is 978-857-7203.
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