Monday- HUDSON Wednesday- Portsmouth Fri- Have a great summer!

This is the last weekly schedule for the AdventuRides Spring 2016 season.  Monday is our last official day of AdventuRides, BUT we also have a Fearless Leader's Choice Ride to Portsmouth on Wednesday.  Perhaps the third time will be a charm.  Please RSVP if you plan to ride on Wednesday. The weather looks decent for tomorrow and great for Wednesday.

On Friday, we had a wonderful ride through Carlisle, to Harts Pond and Great Brook State Park.  Thanks to Jane for leading us and Nancy for hosting our party.  If you would like to see a slide show of our spring season,  you can watch it here.

     Some riders have asked if we could continue over the summer.  I have invited everyone to join the  "AdventuRambles" googlegroup. If you are already a member, I don't believe you will be asked to join again. New members or those with new email addresses should get the request.  If you don't let me know.  Anybody in the AdventuRambles group can post a message to organize a hike, walk, movie, museum visit or even a bike ride. If you see an invitation to join the googlegroup in your mailbox, please accept it if you are interested in informal activities off-season.

Thank you all for a wonderful spring of riding, exercise, adventure, friendship and fun.


Monday, June 13 - Hudson, MA

     Both rides on Monday are relatively flat and about the same length.  All our riders could easily do either ride so do what fits your schedule best.

Morning Recreation Ride

       9:30 AM- The Recreation Ride will leave

       11:30 AM – We should be back

       Starting Point Map - Horseshoe Pub

       Parking – Park in back of lot at Horseshoe Pub

       Facilities None

       Route Map – Hudson - Berlin

       Distance – 15.5 miles

       Elevation Gain - 685 feet 

       Unpaved -  none

11:30-12:30 Lunch Rail Trail Flatbread Company 

Afternoon Fitness Ride

       12:30 PM - The Fitness Ride will leave

       2:30 PM - We should be back

       Starting Point Map - Horseshoe Pub

       Parking – Park in back of lot at Horseshoe Pub

       Facilities None

       Route Map – Hudson-Stow

       Distance – 16.1 miles

       Elevation Gain - 578 feet

       Unpaved - couple of miles on unpaved rail trail. Road bike is fine.

Wednesday, June 15 - Hampton North Beach 


This is one of our all-time favorite AdventuRides routes.  The ride to Portsmouth follows the coastline, with stunning views and several stops at historical and scenic parks along the way.  Our famous easel photos are taken on this route.  The mussels and beer at the Portsmouth Brewery are excellent and there are a wide variety of offerings, liquid and solid.


  • 10:00 AM - The Fearless Leader's Choice Ride will leave
  • 12:30 PM - Lunch Time Portsmouth Brewery 
  • 3:00 PM- We should be back
  • Starting Point Map
  • Address - 920 Ocean Blvd., Hampton, NH
  • Parking - Plenty - It costs $2.00 / hour
  • Facilities - Yes - Porcelain!!!
  • Route Map - Hampton North Beach - Portsmouth.
  • Distance - 32 miles
  • Elevation Gain - 750 feet (basically flat)
  • Unpaved - none


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