Reminder - Wednesday Rides

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny to partly cloudy for the morning ride with temps from 73 - 79.  For the afternoon ride it will be partly cloudy until 3:30 or so and then there is a threat of thunderstorms. The temps will be in the low 80s.  I may send out an e-mail in the late morning if the outlook worsens.

On Wednesday, September 14 - Sterling CMRT and Wachusett Dam

The morning ride will be led by Dena and Vicky. The ride takes us on the beautiful Central Mass Rail Trail. 

I will lead the afternoon ride to the amazing Wachusett Dam. 

  • 9:30 AM - The morning Recreation Ride will leave
  • 11:30 we should be back
  • Starting Point Map In Sterling center take a left off route 62 onto Waushacum Ave. Just after School St crosses, take a right down a hill on a bumpy driveway. On your right you'll see a store called Oh My Gosh. This is the trailhead parking area for the Central Mass Rail Trail.
  • Route Map - Sterling CMRT
  • Distance - 16.3 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 467 feet 
  • Off Road - The trail is off-road but smooth

  • Lunch will be at Village Pizza and More

  •    12:30 PM The afternoon Fitness Ride leaves
  •      2:30 PM  We should be back
  •    Starting Point Map (same as AM ride)
  •    Route Map - Sterling - Wachusett Dam (in Clinton)
  •    Distance 14.8 miles
  •    Elevation Gain - 796 feet
Here is a satellite map of the dam area we'll be visiting. If you haven't been before, it's quite something to see.

My cell is  781-248-2624.



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