Wednesday rides

The forecast for tomorrow is for cloudy skies and 58 degrees. The wind will be 10-12 miles an hour from the Northeast and the chance of precipitation, 20%.

I would like to make the decision about riding based on your RSVPs.

Please let me know by 7:30am if you would like to ride either in the morning or the afternoon.  If one person wants to ride, I'll be there.

I will announce one way or the other in the morning….

One reason to ride is that the weather for Friday and Monday is not promising…rainy days.

I will not be available on Monday due to the Jewish Holiday but if anyone would like to try to get people together please let me know.



On Wednesday, September 28 - East Pepperell - NRRT parking

2 rides to see if any leaves in NH are turning….
  • 9:30 AM - The morning Recreation Ride will leave
  • 11:30 we should be back
  • Starting Point Map  Next to Kemp's gas station; 56 Groton Rd for the GPS
  • Route Map - East Pepperell - Hollis
  • Distance - 11.9 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 662 feet 
  • Lunch - Breen's Diner or other local place or BYO
  •    12:30 PM The afternoon Fitness Ride leaves
  •      2:30 PM  We should be back
  •    Starting Point Map (same as AM ride)
  •    Route Map - East Pepperell - Brookline
  •    Distance  16.3 miles
  •    Elevation Gain - 714 feet

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