Friday Ride

A Bad Day Outdoors Beats a Good Day Indoors

Forecasters have been modifying the outlook so we've developed Plan A and Plan B for tomorrow's ride.

Plan A

We'll be doing the East Pepperell - Nashua ride. It is 26.5 miles long. We'll ride through Hollis on the way up and Mine Falls Park on the way back. Lunch will be at a restaurant of the group's choice in Nashua.  We'll leave at 10am and be back between 2 and 2:30 depending on lunch and stops. The temperature for the day will start at about 65 and go up to 78+!
Parking for this ride is trail-side at 56 Groton St. in East Pepperell.

Plan B

If the forecast worsens,  we'll be doing the Harvard - Bare Hill Pond Ride, a recreation ride (9.7miles, 562') starting at 12:30. We plan to meet for lunch at 11:30 at the Harvard General Store first.

Parking is behind the Town Building on Elm St.

I'll send out the Go/Nogo message early tomorrow so you'll have plenty of time to adjust.

Bill (& Jane)

PS  If the URL doesn't work, right click and go to "open link"

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