Wednesday and Friday rides

First, a couple of personal notes:

1.  Jane hurt her foot today and is in the hospital having an x-ray. She expects not to be able to lead/ride the rest of the week.
2.  I have an ailing sister and brother-in-law in Philadelphia who I need to visit. I'm hoping to go down over the weekend so as not to interfere with biking.

For tomorrow, Jane was planning two rides from the Acton Library….a recreation ride in the morning and a fitness ride in the afternoon.

Due to all the rain today, we are anticipating wet roads tomorrow morning so we are cancelling the morning ride.

I'd be happy to do one of the rides in the afternoon when hopefully the roads will have dried out. 

Last Fall very, very few people showed up for Wednesday afternoon rides.  

Therefore, please RSVP if you'd like to ride tomorrow afternoon  (12:30 - 2:30) and let me know whether you'd like to do the recreation ride (650', 13.5 miles) or the fitness ride (800', 14.5 miles) and we'll do whichever one most would like to do.

For Friday, I'd like to do the Bedford-Somerville ride on the Minuteman Commuter Bike Path and have lunch at Dave's Pasta in Somerville. We might leave Bedford at 9:30 though….

Bill & Jane

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