AdventuRides- Groton Center- GLOUCESTER- Pepperell (rotary)

Hi everyone,

It will be hard to top last week's rides, with perfect weather, incredible views and adorable animals, but we'll try.  This week's temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s, with only Friday looking a bit iffy. We will take advantage of the weather and head to Gloucester on Wednesday, with an expected temperature of 73! Darlene will  be our guest Fearless Leader and will supply more details shortly.  PLEASE RSVP for WEDNESDAY'S RIDE.  We can try to arrange carpools and will know if someone is running late.

If you signed up for one ride a week, and had to miss some, feel free to make them up whenever your schedule allows.  The only things I'm fussy about are helmets and waivers. 

It's also time to start thinking about our end of season party. Typically, we do a slightly longer ride near our host's home in the morning, and have a pot luck lunch afterwards.  The party will be on Friday the 13th!  Alum are always welcome.  We have great fun, great food and some gag gifts.  If you would like to host, please let me know.


Monday, May 23 - Groton Center 

  • Starting Point- Rail Trail Parking
  • Address - 2 Station Ave.
  • Town - Groton, MA 01450
  • Navigation - Google - Waze
  • Parking - Plenty - Park facing away from Buckingham Bus to keep the "Groton Precision Parking Police" happy.
  • Facilities - Porcelain at Town Hall.

Morning Recreation Ride

       9:30 AM- The Recreation Ride will leave

       11:30 AM – We should be back

       Route Map – Groton-Badacook-Dunstable

       Distance – 14.3 miles

       Elevation Gain - 620 feet 

       Unpaved - none

11:30-12:30 Lunch Salt and Light Cafe

Afternoon Fitness Ride

       12:30 PM- The Fitness Ride will leave

       2:30 PM - We should be back

       Route Map – Groton-Squanacook

       Distance – 15.4 miles

       Elevation Gain - 630 feet

       Unpaved- none 

Wednesday, May 25- Gloucester Stage Fort Park

  • Starting point - Gloucester Visitor Center
  • Address - 9 Hough Ave.      
  • Town - Gloucester, MA 01930
  • Navigation - Google - Waze
  • Parking - Plenty - Maybe $10.00. 
  • Facilities - Bathrooms.

10:00 AM - The Fearless Leader's Choice Ride will leave. Stay tuned for final details on lunch and slight route changes.
  • Route Map - Gloucester - Rockport
  • Distance - 28 miles.
  • Elevation Gain - 1450 feet (moderate).
  • Unpaved - a bit.
  • Lunch - TBD 
3:00 PM - We are scheduled to be back.

Friday, May 27 – Pepperell Rotary
  • Name - Pepperell Recreation
  • Address - 4 Hollis Street
  • Town - Pepperell, MA 01463
  • Navigation - Google - Waze
  • Parking - Plenty
  • Facilities - PortaPotty or maybe Pepperell Recreation Office

Morning Fitness Ride

9:30 AM- The Morning Fitness ride will leave 

11:30 AM -We should be back by 11:30 AM.

 Route Map - Pepperell Rotary-Potanipo

 Distance - 15.3 miles.

 Elevation Gain - 673 feet

 Unpaved - None

11:30–12:30 Lunch  BYOL Picnic or C&S Pizza

Afternoon Recreation Ride

    12:30 PM  The Afternoon Recreation Ride will leave at 12:30 PM

    2:30 PM - We should be back

    Route Map - Pepperell Rotary-Hollis

    Distance - 12 miles

    Elevation Gain - 652 feet

    Unpaved - 2 miles of unpaved but smooth road


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