Wednesday- STOP Friday- Dunstable Larter Field


Though the weather will be brilliant, we have too few riders to trek to Portsmouth Wednesday and I need to get my daughter from college. We will reschedule the ride for later in the season.  Friday is looking good, with temperatures in the low 70s.  There is NO place to buy lunch in Dunstable, so remember to BYO if you plan to eat with us.

If you do not receive expected email,  check the blog on  Also,  I create events for each ride on our AdventuRides Club page of   The events have ride details, a link to the route, and can be exported to your own electronic calendar.

Groton Geology Tours

What does this have to do with AdventuRides? Nothing except yours truly helped organize these events.  We are running two bus/trolley tours of Groton on the next two weekends.  Nancy Jackson PhD, our tour guide, is great!  Please consider joining us with friends, family or by yourself. RSVPs are required.

An interactive tour of Groton's glacial features for geology enthusiasts of all ages. The field trip will include brief stops at points of interest with some walking required. An interactive field guide will be provided for each participant.

Dates: Saturday, May 14 and Saturday, May 21
Times: May 14: 9:00-11:30 AM
May 21: 12:00-2:30 PM

Friday May 13 - Dunstable Larter Field

Morning Fitness Ride
We will do some climbing today, but the route is worth the effort.  We will ride on sparsely traveled roads with lovely farms and vistas. 

  • ¥ 9:30 AM - The Fitness Ride will leave
  • ¥ 11:30 AM - We should be back
  • ¥ Starting Point Map -  Dunstable - Larter Field
  • ¥ Address -80 Groton Street, Dunstable, MA
  • ¥ Facilities: porta-potties
  • ¥ Route Map - Dunstable - Tyngsboro
  • ¥ Distance - 16 miles
  • ¥ Elevation Gain - 900 feet
  • ¥ Unpaved – None

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Lunch
Picnic Lunch at Larter Field - BYOL - No food places nearby.

Afternoon Recreation Ride
We will visit the stone arch bridge and enjoy the scenic roads of Dunstable.

  • ¥ 12:30 PM - The Recreation Ride will leave
  • ¥ 2:30 PM - We should be back
  • ¥ Starting Point Map -  Dunstable - Larter Field
  • ¥ Address – 80 Groton Road, Dunstable, MA
  • ¥ Facilities: porta-potties
  • ¥ Route Map - Dunstable - Nashua
  • ¥ Distance - 15.0 miles
  • ¥ Elevation Gain - 714 feet
  • ¥ Unpaved - 1 mile


I will send out email the morning of the ride with either a GO or a STOP status. If you don't get an email, check your SPAM folder, or go to for the latest update. If you are late / lost, Carole's cell phone is 978-857-7203.

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