This Week's Rides

Weather for the upcoming week will be cloudy and cool.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Here are the rides:

Monday, May 8 - 

Groton - Baddacook - Dunstable:  Departs from NRRT parking at the end of Station Ave in Groton at 9:30am
       This ride is 14.3 miles long, has an elevation of 612' or 42.8'/mile.

Lunch at Filho's - 11:30 - 12::20

Groton - Pepperell - NRRT: same place for parking as morning ride; Alex will lead; departs at 12:30. Back at 2:30.
        This ride is 13.4 miles long, has an elevation of 415' or 31'/mile.

Wednesday, May 10 -

Carlisle - Old North Bridge:  Departs from Center Park in Carlisle next to Fern's (do not park there) at 9:30. 
         This ride is 13.8 miles long, has an elevation of 554' or 40'/mile

Lunch at Fern's - 11:30 - 12:20

Carlisle - Great Brook Farm State Park:  also departs from Center Park; 12:30 - 2:30
   This ride is 18.1 miles long and has an elevation of 752' or 41.5'/mile

Friday, May 12 -

Westminster - Princeton:  Departs from Westminster Village Academy Hill at ~27 Academy Hill Rd in Westminster at 10:00am
   This ride is 24.7 miles and has an elevation of 1454' or 59'/mile
   Return at 12:30.

Lunch at Angler's Fish Market and Chowder

Note:  I have added a new metric:  feet of elevation/mile.  This shows that there really isn't that much difference between these recreation and fitness rides.  The Friday ride is obviously longer than our usual rides and does have more elevation.  I wish that more of you would try this ride as it is really quite nice. We can take a more leisurely pace if folks would like….And the restaurant is nice too.

Important Note re: Adventurides June Schedule
Bill and Jane will not be available to lead rides beyond June 5. Bill will lead the Fearless Leader's Choice ride in Newburyport (along with Darlene's friend MJ) planned for June 2nd.   Bill's last ride of the season will be Monday June 5th. We encourage you to signup to lead a ride on the leader calendar, so that Adventurides can keep going until the end of the school year as usual.  Once you have chosen a ride and a date, please let Jane know, so that she can set up your googlegroup email account to send out  the ride information. 

Happy riding!

Bill and Jane

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