Today's Rides

Please read this e-mail carefully.

The weather today will be fine and the rides are on (GO)  BUT there is an issue:

Richard Lawrence (NVP) kindly let me know that there is a 3-day filming process going on in Hudson.  Today is the 3rd day and Main Street may be blocked off.
Worst of all, the Microcreamery (& Flatbread…we could eat at Horseshoe) may be inaccessible!

So if you're driving in on route 62 or 85, take Washington street, not Main St. off the rotary and go left on South St.

If you're driving in from Sudbury and Stow, take a left onto Vila Da Porto off of Main St.  It becomes South St.

And here is the map of downtown:

Also, there will be a nice westerly wind so the air will feel 2-3 degrees cooler than the forecasted 55 - 58.



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