Tomorrow's rides

Tomorrow's rides will be in Carlisle where we'll meet at Center Park next to Fern's Country Store which is at 8 Lowell St. and where the weather will be sunny and in the low 50s in the morning and partly cloudy and the high 50s in the afternoon.

Note that I have changed the afternoon ride from an 18 mile loop to a 16 mile loop. The former was a route starting from one of our season ending party sites.

Wednesday, May 10 -

Carlisle - Old North Bridge:  Departs from Center Park in Carlisle next to Fern's (do not park there) at 9:30. 
         This ride is 13.8 miles long, has an elevation of 554' or 40'/mile

Lunch at Fern's - 11:30 - 12:20

Carlisle - GBFSP-Hart Pond:  also departs from Center Park; 12:30 - 2:30
   This ride is 16.1 miles long and has an elevation of 720' or 44.7'/mile

See you there!

Bill (& Jane)

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