Best of the Seacoast next Wednesday?

Dear AdventuRiders,

If you can't ride next Wednesday, 10/3, you can quit reading now.

Unfortunately this gloomy weather is supposed to last until Wednesday :-( However, the Wednesday forecast (yes it's a long way off) looks delightful. At the risk of ruining the forecast, I am proposing a "Best of the Seacoast" ride on Wednesday. There are two flavors of rides, a 1/3 century that starts at Rye Harbor State Park at 9:30 AM, and a 1/2 century that starts at Hampton Beach State Park at 8:30 AM.

The 1/2 Century riders will meet the 1/3 Century riders at Rye Harbor and enjoy the seacoast to Newcastle and Portsmouth before turning inland along the Great Bay. We will ride through the old Pease Air Force Base and historic Newington and across the General Sullivan's Bridge to Newick's Lobster House in Dover for lunch.

On the way back, it is a smooth pavement and rolling hills ride back to the coast. The 1/3 century ride will be back before 2:30PM and the 1/2 century ride will be back before 3:30PM.

Here is the 1/3 Century Map. The AR Index is roughly equal to 36 flat, smooth miles.

Here is the 1/2 Century Map. The AR Index is roughly equal to 51 flat, smooth miles.

RSVP if you are interested.

Bill (and hopefully Carole)

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