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Here is the proper Southbound Route link. Thanks Eddie.



Dear AdventuRiders,


If you are not planning to ride the Seacoast Century next weekend (September 22, 23), you can stop reading now.


As you probably know, the Portsmouth bridge is gone this year and it's a 30 mile detour through Dover, NH. This is basically the ride we did a few years ago starting at Newcastle. The SCC route starts in Hampton Beach as usual, but the century turn around point is Fort McClary in Kittery, ME. 


The official SCC route skips much of the NH seacoast as well as Newcastle and Portsmouth. THIS WILL NOT STAND, some tinkering is obviously required :-) I have devised a route that follows last year's route through Newcastle and Portsmouth before taking the bike route to the Tradeport (Old Pease Airforce Base) before rejoining the official route at the Newington Rest Stop. Here is my Northbound map. My route it 53 miles to Fort McClary.


On the way back, I basically follow the official route until we get to Rye and then I found a nice shortcut that avoids the coast and a potential sea breeze for a few extra miles. The return route is 43 miles, so we will be a few miles short of 100 when we get to Hampton Beach. Here is my Southbound map. Many alternatives are available to complete the century if your legs/arms/butt are willing.


So, here is my current plan:

  • Start early - 7:30 AM perhaps?
  • Ride purposefully, but not as fast as last year - 13-14 MPH Moving Average?
  • Ride north until I'm half tired :-)
  • Stop at LaFesta Brick & Brew in Dover and grab a few pizza slices on the way back.
  • Limp back to Hampton Beach.
  • A few beers at Ten's Show Club :-)


Let me know what your plans are.






I will send out email the morning of the ride with either a GO or a STOP status. If you don't get an email, check your SPAM folder, or go to for the latest update. If you are late / lost, Bill's cell phone is 508-517-0544 and Carole's cell phone is 978-857-7203.
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