Wachusett Mountain Ski Passes

Dear AdventuRiders,

If you're not a downhill skier, you can quit reading now. However, it is cool to note that this is Wachusett's 50th anniversary and it is still owned by the same family.

If your still reading, the cutoff date for regular ski passes is October 17th and the cheapest, and arguably the best is $249 for a Bronze Pass. If you sign up through the ADVENTURIDES GPS (Greatest Possible Savings) program, I can save you $10 and the deadline is extended until November 14th. If you are over 65+, I can get you an unlimited GOLD pass for $269.

If you want to sign up RIGHT NOW, you can go to the GPS Page, select the pass you want, and use WILLIAM BRANDT as the coordinator name and ADVENTURIDES as the group name. Wachusett seems to use capital letters, so its probably safest to follow suit.

I personally have a Silver Pass since late season weekends can be epic if you get there early.

See you on the slopes,
Bill and Carole

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