Last Call - Seacoast Century Update

Dear AdventuRiders,

I still have 2 extra registrations for this weekend's Seacoast Century.

Jane is planning to ride the first half and her husband will provide SAG services for the first half. They have room for 2 other bikers and their bikes if someone else only want to do half.

The latest weather for Portsmouth is still looking good for Saturday. It should be Mostly Cloudy and low 50s when we leave and Mostly Sunny and mid 60s when we return.

There won't be much wind in the morning, perhaps a slight headwind. In the afternoon the wind will pick up from the SE (headwind of course), so I may take the inland shortcut on the way back.


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Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 7:07 PM
Subject: Seacoast Century Update

Dear AdventuRiders,

If you're not doing the Seacoast Century this weekend, you can stop reading now.

If you are planning to go and haven't responded yet, RSVP so I can plan accordingly. I have 2 extra registrations if you are interested (Thanks, Joe!).

It looks like Saturday will be the better weather day, but that seems to change frequently. The Portsmouth forecast is for upper 50s and Partly Cloudy when we leave and mid 70's when we return. The wind is forecast to be from the south (good news in the morning, in the afternoon not so much).

So the plan is to meet at Hampton Beach State Park at 7:00 AM.

Here is my Northbound map and Southbound map (although Map My Ride seems to be broken at the moment).

Here is a synopsis of my changes from the Official Route.

Mile 00 -> Hampton Beach Official Start.
Mile 00 -> Mile 10 - Official Route.
Mile 10 -> Mile 27 - You DON'T want to bypass Newcastle and Portsmouth, do you?
Mile 27 -> Official Rest Stop - Newington.
Mile 28 -> Mile 32 - Official Route.
Mile 32 -> Mile 36 - Slightly flatter and (I believe) more scenic route.
Mile 36 -> Mile 86 - Official Route.
Mile 53 -> Official Rest Stop - Fort McClary.
Mile 68 -> Unofficial Rest Stop - La Festa Brick and Brew, Dover, NH.
Mile 77 -> Official Rest Stop - Newington.
Mile 86 -> Mile 89 - Non-windy inland shortcut if we want.
Mile 89 -> Mile 95 - Official Route.
Mile 95 -> Mile 100 - ???

Hope to see you there,
Bill (and hopefully Carole)

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