Change of Plans - Greenville on Thursday

Dear AdventuRiders,

It looks almost certain that tomorrow's ride will be rained out :-(

So, I rescheduled this week's Exploration Ride to Thursday, October 28th, and changed the starting point to Townsend Center. The weather is looking extraordinarily nice with sunny skies and mid 60s on Thursday. The foliage in the high country is fading a bit, but in the towns and along the rivers it can best be described as "a riot of colors"!

We will meet about 1/2 mile past Townsend Center and ride UP to Ashby then DOWN to historic New Ipswich "High Bridge" and then on to Greenville for lunch (NOT Nennie's 5 Star!). Lunch will be at the Heart's Desire Bakery / Deli or the Panda Wok in Greenville. After lunch, we have a steady climb up to amazing views from Adams Hill. We should be able to see Boston (almost 50 miles away). From there it is almost all DOWN. We will zip through Mason, past the cascades on Rocky Brook, and then enjoy a breezy cruise back down to Townsend.

The ride will be about 25 miles and 1050 feet vertical with 2 category 5 hills (easiest category) getting up to the plateau, but then its rolling hills and beautiful distant views. After lunch we have another cat 5 hill. Its all on road, but there are a few gravel / dirt roads on the way. I plan to bring my road bike, or at least my road bike tires. BTW, the killer hills are easily walkable, so everyone is welcome. Here is a map.

On Thursday, October 28th, we will meet just past Townsend Center. Here is a map. Google claims its only 14 minutes from Groton Center.

* At 9:30 AM - we will leave for Greenville. Here is a map.
* At Noonish - Lunch in Greenville.
* At 2:30 PM - we will be back.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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