Reminder - Forge Pond Beach Tomorrow

Dear AdventuRiders,

Well, the forecast for tomorrow isn't looking real swell at this point. It just calls for sprinkles in the morning and about 50 degrees. The afternoon is looking worse, but I will wait until tomorrow morning to call it.

Bring your hybrid bike and warm clothes.

On Monday October 4th
- We will meet at Forge Pond Beach in Westford. Here is a map. From the intersection of West Prescott Street and Pleasant Street, follow the narrow paved road along the railroad tracks to the beach.

* At 9:30 AM the Fitness ride will leave to explore Lost Lake and Massapoag Pond. Here is a map.
* At 11:30 AM we will have a picnic lunch at the beach or the restaurant.
* At 12:15 PM the Recreational ride will leave for the Stone Arch Bridge and Graniteville. Here is a map.
* At 2:15 PM we will be back.

The Fitness Ride will explore Lost Lake, Duck Pond, Massapoag Pond, and Keyes Pond as well as parts of the NA&B rail line. The route is a little over 16 miles with a significant amount of off road. I plan to bring my born again - again hybrid bike.

We will have a Picnic Lunch at Forge Pond Beach and we can get subs at Pizzaria Presti across the street.

The Recreation Ride will feature one of the wonders of the Merrimack Valley: the Stone Arch Bridge in Westford. We will also visit Nabnasset Lake and possibly Burge's Pond. The route is about 12 miles with a some civilized off road and a few hills. I plan to bring my hybrid bike.

PortaPotty Warning: There is no PortaPotty at the starting point! There will be some along the ride.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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