Reminder - CAPE ANN Tomorrow

Dear AdventuRiders,

Well is looks like another nice Fall bike riding day! The Gloucester forecast calls for low 50s and partly cloudy in the morning with increasing clouds and near 60 in the afternoon. Wind shouldn't be an issue, but bring a warmth layer and a wind layer anyhow. Since my road bike's crank is still clicking, I am planning to bring my hybrid bike. The route is all on road, so a road bike will work fine too.

On Wednesday we will have a SPECIAL ride on beautiful Cape Ann. We also have a guest leader to show us around Gloucester and Rockport and wherever else he chooses. This should be a real treat, especially for me, and a true Exploration Ride for all of us. And a special thanks to Joe for helping to arrange this trip.

it is a little over an hours drive from Shaw's parking lot in Groton to Gloucester. If you want to carpool, RSVP and show up at Shaw's at 8:45 AM. Here is a map.

On Wednesday October 20th - We will meet at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester. Here is a map.

* At 8:45 AM - We will meet to carpool in Shaw's parking lot at 4 corners in Groton. Here is a map. RSVP so we can get a headcount and arrange bike racks etc.
* At 10:00 AM - We will leave Stage Fort Park for a tour of Cape Ann. The route is about 27 miles.
* At Noonish - Lunch!
* At 2:30 PM - We will be back to Stage Fort Park.
* At 3:30 PM - We should be back to Groton.

A note from our guest leader "I can recommend a stop for food – Halibut Point, a tavern on Main Street in Gloucester - (I can also recommend the Italian fish chowder – tomato based and spicy.) After the ride, for the beer drinkers there's Cape Anne Brewing -". Our guest leader obviously understands our prime motivations :-)

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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