Reminder - Harvard Track Tomorrow - NOT Depot Road

Dear AdventuRiders,

YAY, the sun is back!
Tomorrow looks like a TOP 10 biking day. Sunny and mid 50s in the morning, sunny and mid 60s in the afternoon. It will be a bit windy though, so be sure to bring a wind layer. I also figured out a great ride for Monday (see below).

On Friday, we will try a new starting point in Harvard. We will be meeting at the Harvard Track behind the Harvard Post Office on Route 110. Here is a map. Janet told me about a new path that connects Depot Road to the area on the other side of Route 2. Thanks Janet! The path is loose gravel and not very suitable for road bikes, so I will be bringing my born again - again Bianchi Hybrid Bike. The gravel is about 1/2 mile long, so it would be possible to bring your road bike if you don't mind walking.

The morning Recreation Ride will take us UP Prospect Hill for some spectacular views of the Nashoba Valley and the Tree People at Fruitlands Museum. Then we will ride around Bear Hill Pond and finally past the South Shaker Village on the way back to lunch. The route is about 13 miles and 325 feet vertical (mostly Prospect Hill). Here is a map.

The afternoon Fitness Ride will take us UP Oak Hill to Carlson Orchards and their new solar energy farm. Then we get a breezy 2 mile DOWNHILL run to Delaney Pond. From there we explore some hilly backroads of Harvard before returning via the new gravel path. The route is almost 16 miles with 650 feet vertical. Here is a map.

On Friday, October 8th - We will meet at the Harvard Track, NOT Depot Road. Here is a map.

* At 9:30 AM - The Recreation Ride will leave for Bear Hill Pond. Here is a map.
* At 11:30 AM - We will have a picnic lunch from Sorrento's or Pizza Bella.
* At 12:15 PM - The Fitness Ride will leave for Oak Hill and the Stow Road downhill run. Here is a map.
* At 2:15 PM - We will be back.

On Sunday, October 10th - Not only is it 10/10/10, but it is also Carole's Birthday.

Join us at 31 Station Ave. and the Rail-Trail, Groton center Sunday Oct. 10, 10AM to 3PM to support 350.ORG's world event '10-10-10' Climate Action day. See for more information.
By riding your bicycle and registering the distance you traveled you will help Groton reach a goal of at least 350 miles. The final total will be used towards 350.ORG's worldwide effort to educate everyone, and to send a message to world leaders the need to take serious action to solve the worsening problem of 'Climate Change'.

On Monday, October 11th - We will meet at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson.

At 9:30 AM - We will leave for the 4 Boro Bike Tour. Here is a map.
At 12:30 PM - We will have lunch at the Horseshoe Pub. They have 30 new menu items for Oktoberfest as well as the usual 80 beers on tap.
At 1:30 PM - If people are interested, we can continue on to Boxboro and pick up our 5th "Boro". Take that NYC!
At 3:30 PM - We should be back.

On Saturday, October 16th - Human Powered Vehicle Festival, Groton Center. Rain date 10/17.

Hope to see you there,
Bill and Carole

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